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What started as a single day event created in order to highlight, celebrate and acknowledge what connected educators do to help inspire our future, has grown in something much more...

#CEduAD 2019 Annual Conference


Ned Dale & Paul Buckley

Working with New People and Building a Team
10.00-11.00 AM EST

Paul Buckley

Ned Dale

Sarah Thomas & Vlatka Butkovic

Inquiry and Collaboration
11.00 AM - 12.00 PM EST

Vlatka Butkovic

Sarah Thomas

Monia Mahmoudi & Ayush Chopra

Sustainable Development Goals
12.00-1.00 PM EST

Ayush Chopra

Monia Mahmoudi

Evo Hannan & Cheryn Ridge

The Human Behind the Educator: The Consultant in You!
1.00-2.00 PM EST

Cheryn Ridge

Evo Hannan

Tim McDonald & Ayelet Baron

Overcoming Obstacles and Fear in order to Change Practice
2.00-3.00 PM EST

Ayelet Baron

Tim McDonald

Chris Nesi & Will Deyamport

Connecting with Podcasts - Sharing is Caring
3.00-4.00 PM EST

Will Deyamport

Chris Nesi

Barbara Bray & Will Deyamport

Define Your Why by Telling Your Stories
4.00-5.00 PM EST

Will Deyamport

Barbara Bray

Michael Sinclair & Emmanuel Akpan

Moving Beyond the School Walls
5.00-6.00 PM EST

Emmanuel Akpan

Michael Sincliar

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