Witnessing Magic

An ordinary day may become extraordinary if you dare to make the most of it...

It is that brief moment of silence between a decision and its execution when the excitement kicks in. I know it may seem strange to describe a process of creating an edu project as a thriller. Think again, though.

Here are my lead characters: four people that have never met in person. Those four meet online by chance, start chatting and realise that they are guided by the same vision: endless opportunities for learning brought to educators by the tools at the palms of our hands. For free, available to everyone.

Here's my plot: they gather the skills and the experience they have, learn from one another and decide to create an actual platform for learning and exchanging ideas. Everything is going so smoothly that they get cheeky and push it a bit further - How about having a day to celebrate collaboration like this one? How about creating a Connected Educators Appreciation Day and invite others that want to share and learn from all over the world?

Two months after the idea was out there in the open, the first #CEduAD took place.

We managed to connect almost 27000 people from five continents through Zoom talks and Twitter Chats that went on for weeks.

The conference lasted for 8 hours. 8 sessions hosted by different people and joined by panelists from all over the world. I was watching my dear friend Tilka Brown, an inspiring teacher in Australia trying to stay awake at 2 am and nailing the topic at the same time. I was proudly listening to my friend Kathy Stetson, CEESA Executive Director, how easy it seemed to connect American International Schools in 19 countries when the mission for education was shared. I was trying to understand what my fellow teacher from Scotland Ian Stewart was saying about overcoming obstacles, at 11 PM, and enjoying every minute of it. I am still trying to understand what Michael Sinclair, my dear friend from Scotland, is saying during our meetings while planning this next #CEduAD, and enjoying every minute of it. We try to do the math with the time zones and we are always wrong. Then we check it online and then we're still wrong but we manage to meet, at 6 PM my time -6 hours, -7 hours and -1. We are all busy with our other jobs but we can still count on one another.

It occurred to me recently that I am bringing change to my country for bringing this opportunity to teachers in Croatia and providing guidance to whoever may need it to join this fantastic international crowd and just share a thought. To spare an idea that worked in the classroom. The idea that I am holding the door for them blew me away. I've been too busy to realise the extent of this project and the impact it has on teachers around the globe.

Now that I think of it, it may not be a thriller. It is a comedy sometimes, an action movie, a documentary, a trip advisor, a fairy tale but most of all - it is my window to the world I never thought existed only a few years ago.

The first session has a promising title :)

The magic starts on October 19th, at 10:00 am with the first session Working With New People and Building a Team. What better title to describe what our 2nd annual #CEduAD conference is all about?

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