What makes an experienced teacher join international community?

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

Michael Sinclair has got me thinking again, of course. Our never ending chats and constant exchange of ideas just do that to a person :). His ideas are teasers I need to explore after every talk we have, his jokes are so Scottish and so Croatian at the same time that I cannot but feel at home in this international virtual universe we have created together with Cassie Reeder, Tim McDonald and many, many other educators we have met since we created CEduAD platform. It is the best description of why I can never go back to being the teacher I was 5 years ago.

It's all about teamwork...

I am waiting to join our #CEMM event tonight and contemplate answers to the questions he has shared with me and other panelists. The first question got me thinking: What was the catalyst for you to join the international community of educators? It seems a simple questions but it is not that easy to remember it because these five years seem like dog years to me with the change they have brought and the influence they have had not only on me but on my team, our students and teachers I consult in Croatia and around Europe.

Find out more about my story on https://www.vlatkabutkovic.eu/post/what-if-this-is-not-enough.

Join me and fantastic educators from 5 different continents on yet another #CEMM event tonight at 10PM CST+1, this time hosted by Michael Sinclair. Follow the link to attend and join the talk.

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