What after #CEduAD?

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

Changing education for the better starts with learning from one another.

The Connected Educator Appreciation Day is today! We're tweeting, posting, blogging, texting... The excitement and the buzz around it is in the air. The event we have been preparing for the last several months is about to begin in few hours. Panelists from all over the world are soon sharing their know-how, answering questions and picking up new ideas.

And then what?

My suggestion is this: pick up the one idea you recognise yourself in and take it with you.

Bring it home. Before putting it on the table to your team, do take another close look at your and your team's good practice and work from there. That is your foundation. Build on that. Steps that matter, the ones that grow roots are the ones that feel familiar and doable.

Start implementing a change within the next two weeks. Not all of it but some. It's a proven fact that the ideas we don't put to use within two weeks are most likely to be forgotten.

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