The Cocktail Question

Come to my favorite nation, imagination; and imagine yourself at a dinner party, a fundraiser or some networking event; Is one of the first questions when you meet someone, “so what do you do?” or some variation thereof? Have you noticed that when you say, I am a ____________ teacher (fill in the blank) that the response, if not spoken, then often expressed nonverbally, is one of, “how special”, “how admirable”, or “I couldn’t do what you do”, “God bless you”, or . . . some variation thereof?

Perhaps a better question to ask at parties and networking functions is, “Why did you become a __________________?” (Fill in the blank.) My answer, emphatically, would be, “I became an educator because I wanted to help young people to learn how to think, how to ask questions, how to be curious, how to challenge the system respectfully and how to build their own, and others’, creative confidence. Learning should connect meaning, thoughts and actions. School should be fun!”

More to follow.

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