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If I could sum up the 2nd Annual Connected Educator Appreciation Day in one word, that would be it. I wish we could say we planned the sessions the way they came together, but it was really by chance of where the hosts were located time zone wise that dicated the order. During each topic, I heard something that flowed seamlessly into the next session.

None of this would have been possible with all the time and help of our hosts, panelists and participants. Everyone came together on very short notice and turned this into a day that celebrated connected educators. As a team, Cassie, Michael, Vlatka and I would like to extend our gratitude to everyone who took part in this event.

As we look forward to continuing our monthly events, #CEMM (Connected Educator Monthly Meetups) starting up in January, we are looking for hosts and topics to plan out January - June and then September before we host the 3rd Annual Connected Educator Appreciation Day on October 17, 2020. Each event is on the 3rd Saturday of the month.

In order to help us continue to grow the community and make next year's event bigger and better than this year, we'd appreciate you taking time to share your thoughts with us about this year's event. It's a quick survey form and will help us give you the topics you want to learn about and improve the format as we continue to evolve.

Be on the lookout for videos of the sessions as Michael gets them edited and added to our YouTube channel (hint: subscribe now)

We know you had more to share than what we heard on Connected Educator Appreciation Day. This is why we encourage you to become a member (free registration) and start blogging to share your knowledge all year long.

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