Some, times in our lives...

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

I heard the song, not too long ago, and think it is written for more than those who have pain or sorrow. Yes, when you are feeling down, it's great to have someone to lean on. But,

It is great to have someone to lean on when you're not in need.

it's great to have someone you can lean on, or rely on, when you aren't in need so that you can see how amazing you can be when you are more than one person. When you are part of a team, a good team, you'll be surprised at the awesomeness that can result.

The CEduAD team is something special! Imagine a team where: no one person is supporting all the weight but instead, each is supporting another; there is no ego or self-importance; the energy is always there; there are no meetings for the sake of meetings; we are interdependent; we are collaborative, and more than the catch phrase that is collaborative, we are a truly collaborative team: we work to achieve what we all want and we actually achieve it, without compromise!

We are wise and swallow our pride, asking for support we need and freely offering it without price. What's the point of keeping your needs secret? It only benefits your ego; let it go, and grow with others!

Join us on our journey to connect and connect with others. It's been one heck of a ride so far and likely only to get wilder!!


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