Preparing for Twitter and Zoom on #CEduAD

One thing I love about the Connected Educator Appreciation Day community is the willingness to share what they know. As someone who has been using Twitter for over 11 years, I wanted to put together a short video explaining how to follow a hashtag on Twitter so you can be part of the ongoing conversation with connected educators using #CEduAD.

As a bonus tip, I also mention (and show) how to use Tweetdeck (a free tool from Twitter) to be able to schedule tweets in advance if you are going to be part of a Zoom session or will be unable to join live but want to share you thoughts on a specific topic during Connected Educator Appreciation Day.

The following is about joining us to watch and listen to the live Zoom video sessions. As I explain in the video, this does not mean you will be on video, just that you will be watching and hearing the panelists and hosts when the broadcast goes live. It also has a chat feature which allows you to chat with others who are watching and also with the panelists.

Please note: If you are a host or panelist, this information is not for you! You have your own unique link that brings you directly into the room before the broadcast starts.

Have any questions that I didn't answer? Feel free to reach out by leaving a comment here or connecting with me on Twitter.


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