• Michael

None of us is as smart as all of us

What an amazing quote to start this off.

What an amazing opportunity educators have in this digital age to make use of connections that are only a tap or mouse click away.

Connected Educator Appreciation Day started with the idea of giving all learners the opportunity to experience the best that education has to offer. In some areas, this is very challenging due to budget constraints and lack of learning, but, the opportunity to reach out to teachers who have skills and methods that are a) easy to transfer and b) cost effective will alleviate this hurdle, with a bit of hustle.

Some educators are set with their methods and resources, but even the most recalcitrant can see the light when they witness the transformative effect of New Power Education principles on learners that they deemed unteachable. The methods used might have involved edtech but might not have. The greater likelihood is that the methods were put in place following a connection between educators with a shared vision of change and a shared joy of learning.

The goal of the upcoming event is to showcase connections that have been made, foster them and help them spread.

  • What have you done as a result of a connection with another educator?

  • Could you have done it without the connection

  • If not, why not?

  • How have you nurtured this connection?

  • How would you encourage others in your place of learning to make connections?

  • What do you plan to develop more connections?

The people who have come together to get this idea of the ground thought of a great example of how to make and grow connections:

Join us, share with us, learn with us and grow with us. Let's make a connected network of educators that can share ideas, methods and ways to use resources to make learning the best it can be. Let's celebrate the work we have done and look forward to our next steps.


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