#CEduAD Has Grown Up in 2020

The learning never stops.

The outreach of Connected Educator Appreciation Day 2nd annual conference on October 19, 2019 was around 140K people worldwide.

That number is so abstract that I still cannot put my mind around it. 140 000 people either saw our conversations on Twitter, watched the Zoom talks or kept the topics alive through sharing, adding their views, recommending resources etc. That number doesn't include all the buzz created by the recordings from the conference we publish weekly on CEduAD YouTube Channel.

It is obvious to me now that in global connections through social networks, what an initiator of a process has to do at some point is - to let go. In the second year of its existence, our #CEduAD project has a life of its own. Its pulse are teachers who feel at home in it, are aware they are the cells it is built from and they feed and nurture the almost palpable being it is.

Where do we take it from here?

I was approached by the inspiring teacher and a mother fighting her own intimate battle with a child with ADHD. Nicole Biscotti was one of the panelists in a session at the annual conference. She told the audience her story and left all of us speechless. Not only is she a fighter, she has decided to learn as much as she can about ADHD as a mother and as a teacher. Nicole is a leader, offering a helping hand in the middle of her own struggle.

"Can you help me organise an event about this topic? I want to gather as many experts, parents, teachers who deal with it on a daily basis and help them learn from one another."

As you know, #CEduAD organises monthly meetups, #CEMM every 3rd Saturday in a month from January to September. Every Connected Educator Monthly Meetup, #CEMM, offers a Zoom discussion about a topic and a simultaneous Twitter chat. Now, it didn't seem enough. Nicole inspired a big change in #CEduAD platform.

In the year 2020, #CEduAD is changing a little bit. We are dedicating the entire month to a topic, instead of only a day a month.

You are invited to help our audience gather as much information as possible through #CEduADlibrary hashtag and tagging @CEduAD on Twitter, posting a blog on our website or sharing a story, link etc. with our team and we will do our best to bring it to as big an audience as possible.

The list of the topics is published on our website, waiting for you to pitch in. The hosts are helping us get started with the topic. They are bringing resources and advise us who to contact to gather as much information as possible. They are hosting the #CEMM event on the 3rd Saturday in a month and welcoming anyone who wants to join the panel and bring the knowledge to the table. Bring your skills. Bring your obstacles. This community will make the most of both.

Welcome to #CEduAD 2020!

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