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Ashley Steele
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Ashley’s love of technology and helping others has led to roles as a technology trainer for her previous school district, presenting at conferences on EdTech, and currently to her position as an 8th grade physics teacher in Dallas, Texas. She is an organizing member of EdChange Global, a BrainPop Certified Educator, and a TI Excellence in STEM Education Teaching Fellow. Ashley is excited to join the #CEaD team and expand her PLN globally!

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Sandra Hortua
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Sandra holds a Master degree in didactics for self-directed learning from Universidad de la Sabana, a TESOL Certificate from Anaheim University and a Bachelor of Arts in English Language from Universidad de Cordoba-Colombia. She works at Institución Educativa José María Córdoba and Universidad de Córdoba in Montería-Colombia. In 2016 she became a Microsoft innovative expert educator and a Microsoft Educator trainer in 2017. Her research interests include educational technology and emerging pedagogies. Besides this, she has been invited to attend to different international ICT events.

Ian Stuart
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Ian is experienced in Education at all levels, from Classroom, School Leadership to Strategic development at local Authority and National level. Ian is Product Owner of the updated 'Glow' Platform for all of Scottish education and developed the National Digital Learning and Teaching Policy for Scotland. Ian's got bags of experience in engineering, teaching, school leadership and entrepreneurialism. He is best known for leading one of the first schools in the world to put tablet computers into the hands of every student.

The school on the isle of Islay, Scotland, developed completely new teaching approaches that put the student firmly at the centre of learning and improved their outcomes. 

Ian has been a Fellow of Microsoft Innovative Educator's programme from 2015. He's also been core to teams that have turned around national technology and change programmes. 

Ian works as a Consultant with the working for two years with organisations to make them better. He is driven by a passion to make a difference for all. 

Katherine Goyette
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Katherine has been an educator in California's Central Valley for over fifteen years. Katherine currently serves as the Educational Technology & Integrated Studies Consultant for Tulare County Office of Education. She engages teachers, coaches, and administrators in active professional learning grounded in solid pedagogy regarding topics including technology integration in the classroom, project-based learning, interdisciplinary learning, computer science integration and professional learning communities.

Katherine believes in the power of on-site coaching and ensures that she is in classrooms working with teachers and students as often as possible. This coaching methodology provides context rich, job-embedded learning and builds educator capacity.

Formerly, Katherine has been an administrator, curriculum coach, and has taught grades K, 1, 2, 5, and 6 in a multiple subject setting, after beginning her educational career as a general music and piano teacher for ages infant through adult.

Katherine believes in the power of collaborative networks. She co-founded the hashtag #CVTechTalk, a platform for collaborative conversations featured on local news segments with members from across the globe. Katherine also founded, to build capacity of educational leaders of all levels through collaborative networks.

Katherine was primary writer for the California's inaugural Computer Science Standards and is a Region Lead for the California Digital Learning Collaborative. She speaks across the nation about educational topics and has been featured as an author for Leadership Magazine, CUE Blog and EdTechTeam Blog. She holds a Master of Arts in Educational Leadership and Administration and a Bachelor of Arts in English. Katherine’s certifications include: Google Certified Trainer & Innovator, Apple Teacher, Microsoft Innovative Educator, PBS Learning Media Digital Innovator, PBLCore Certified Trainer, and Universal Design for Learning Trainer.

Will Deyamport III
  • #CEduAD PLN

Affectionately known as Dr. Will, he is a recognized Connected Educator and Connected Ed Consultant. Motivated by his passions for education and digital media, he has been able to leverage the use of social technologies in the classroom to enhance the learning experiences of people worldwide. While his efforts are primarily targeted towards teachers, it is his thought leadership in this specific field that has helped him to create an innovative, interactive and integrated classroom experience for students and teachers alike.


In addition to identifying existing and underutilized digital tools and resources in education, Dr. Will has worked diligently to bridge that gap. It is this core endeavor that has taken him on the professional adventure of a lifetime! His research and work in this field has helped shape his social entrepreneurship and given him the opportunity to connect and collaborate with some of the most inspiring and acclaimed people in education both nationally and internationally. Through these collaborations, Dr. Will has been able to facilitate and curate powerful, thought-provoking and enlightening conversations and content which look at a multitude of issues educators face inside and outside of the classroom. The expansion and diversification of his professional portfolio has resulted in Dr. Will becoming a highly sought after speaker, presenter and guest lecturer.


Dr. Will is an alumnus of Capella University, earning a Doctor of Education degree in Educational Leadership and Management. His dissertation is on how teachers can use a Twitter-supported Personal Learning Network to individualize their professional development. You can read his dissertation here. 

Valerie Lewis
  • #CEduAD PLN

Valerie is dedicated to the transformation of learning through engaging and creative activities for ALL students. Today’s classroom has not varied much from classrooms 100 years ago---that is problematic! Though many teachers use effective strategies to engage students, the data suggests that we are still behind many other countries when we should be leading the way.

She grew up in Miami, FL and graduated with a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education from Oakwood University and a Master’s in Special Education from Howard University. She currently resides and teaches High School Language Arts in Georgia. She is a wife and mother of 3 beautiful souls.
Recognizing that the workplace may limit her gifts, she founded AppleSeed Learning to offer up learning through community-based cultural programs, partnerships with community leaders, innovative learning labs,  and one of the newest projects to be born: The EdObstacle Course! She is the Director of Teacherpreneur chat on Voxer to encourage others (and herself) to delve deeper into one's passion and merge it with sound business practices. 
Valerie is respected amongst her peers as a MOTIVATOR (of staff and students alike) and as a result she has led the Special Education Department for a number of years. She is Remind's Connected Educator's Lead Teacher for SpEd teachers. She also consults the New Business and Development group of Cox Communications in Atlanta on educational initiatives. She has written blogs for companies like Piktochart and EdSurge concerning Professional Development and the integration of Infographics within the classroom.

Her belief is that critical learning possibilities should be activated in order to prepare students for NOW skills.  This will enable them to compete on a global scale! Students need to lift their voice and advocate for themselves but this skill should be modeled and taught. Lessons should be student-centered and not mainly based upon the teacher’s interests. In this manner, cater to a variety of learning styles. Valerie is an encourager and motivator and has the mentality that the TEAM is better together.

In order to strengthen the team, she understands that learning MUST be personalized for the teacher and the student alike in order to create IMPACT. The formula should always be ONE SIZE FITS...ONE! Her mission is to show that learning is a daring lifelong journey but ultimately…TRANSFORMS.

Stacy Lovdahl
  • #CEduAD PLN

comes to us from western North Carolina. She's taught 7th an 8th grade science since 2001, served as Department Chairperson, Science Olympiad coach and was the NCSTA Region 7 Science Teacher of the Year.  In her current role as Educator on Loan Stacy brings her passion for the power of being a connected educator to transform teaching and learning to public and charter school educators throughout western NC. She is a Twitter-aficionado, active in Voxer groups and connects with educators and their students nationally and globally. 

​Stacy provides professional development in instructional technology integration with a focus on effective use of Google tools for student collaboration, communication, critical thinking and creativity. She flipped her science classroom and applies that knowledge to her flipped and blended learning sessions and she is assisting her home district with implementing personalized learning.   
Before becoming an educator, Stacy was an environmental consultant working with engineering consulting firms to investigate and remediate contaminated properties in North Carolina and nationwide. She has a Bachelors of Science in Aquatic Environments/Environmental Science and earned her Masters in Instructional Technology and Computers from Appalachian State University in 2014. 

Sarah Clark
  • #CEduAD PLN

 is a biology teacher in Fife, Scotland. She has been teaching for 18 years and the use of technology in her classes has developed and changed through that time.

Sarah uses a wide range of tools in her class to engage pupils in science but also to help develop their digital skills. As a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert, she shares her use of technology with staff in her own school and across Scotland. She has been a Microsoft TweetMeet host and has made connections to educators all over the globe. Across Scotland she is connecting educators through Microsoft Teams and Skype as well as in person meet-ups. Embedding the use of tech in all areas of the curriculum is what she is passionate about - the right tool for the right job but sometimes no tech is needed!

It’s all about the pedagogy 

Dr. L. Robert Furman
  • #CEduAD PLN

is an educator, leader, scholar, speaker and author; but most notably, he is a true champion for education in the 21st century. Beyond speaking at venues across the country, Rob is also a contributing Educational blogger for The Huffington Post as well as Ed Tech Review. He has received numerous prestigious awards, such as being named in the National School Board Association’s 20 To Watch in technology education and an ISTE Best Selling Author.

Rob delivers keynote presentations, plenary lectures, break-out strategy sessions, workshops, panel discussions and more, custom tailored for groups of all interests and sizes.

His personal mission statement is, “Inspiring the passions of today’s educators and students by encouraging progressive thought and innovative approaches to learning, leadership and parental involvement to develop thriving, empowered, future-ready scholars”

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Angela Maiers
  • #CEduAD PLN

Leader. Visionary. Entrepreneur. Disruptor. Change Maker. Angela embodies each of these descriptors with passion, commitment and fierce determination. She has been creating and leading change in education and enterprise for 31 years, teaching every level of school from grade school to graduate school and consulting with companies around the world. 

Angela founded Choose2Matter to bring the world hope by helping every individual embrace their value and potential contribution. Initially launched to challenge and inspire students to work collaboratively to develop innovative solutions to social problems, Choose2Matter has evolved into a movement that support parents, educators, and employees around the world. Her work in 60,000 classrooms across 100 countries has rallied more than a million children who have banded together to launch 170 social enterprises and pass 17 laws. And organizations across all industries are finding new ways to ignite the genius of their employees, successfully addressing a $15 trillion employee engagement problem.

Angela earned a BS in Education with a minor in Neuroscience and Master Degrees in Literacy and Ed Leadership.

Steven Isaacs
  • #CEduAD PLN

Steve is a pioneer in using VR and AR in the classroom. He is a champion for student choice and student voice, providing a choice based environment to help students find and nurture their passion for learning.  Steve is an edtech influencer, community builder, and leader in game-based learning and gamification. He is actively working on opportunities to address SEL and empathy through games. Steve's recent passion involves building the K12 to College Esports pipeline as co-founded the #EsportsEDU community.

Pam Jones
  • #CEduAD PLN

has over 7 years’ experience as an ICT / Computing teacher, Head of Department, E-safety Coordinator and Head of Year. This experience gave her the opportunity to see first-hand to shift from ICT to Computing and the challenges of upskilling to accommodate this new direction.

After embracing the new national curriculum, Pam took the opportunity to become Head of Department. With the skills gained as Head of Year, Teacher and E-safety Coordinator, she faced the new challenge of developing the computing curriculum in a secondary school. Pam created the two-year key stage 3 curriculum to meet the national curriculum computing standards as well as a three-year key stage 4 GCSE programme of study for Computing with an added new option for all to achieve an ICT qualification.

Following the joys of motherhood, Pam started on her most recent journey as a freelance Educational Content Developer. Contracts with her local exam board have been varied:

  • writing exam papers, 

  • moderating and leading marking teams,

  • developing resources

  • leading in house workshops.

Most recently, Pam has a contract with SAM Labs who have created a fantastic new classroom kit to enhance not only the computing curriculum but the rest of the STEAM curriculum as well. She has been heavily involved in lesson development and is currently aligning lessons to England's National Curriculum.

She is currently securing new and exciting projects.

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Thomas Rogers
  • #CEduAD PLN

Thomas is a Canadian educator that has a passion for educational technology, media and communication studies and their meaningful implementation to enrich experiences and meet the needs of both teachers and students. He has had the opportunity to use and test several educational tools and enjoys pushing technology and film to new areas of the classroom.

Thomas has worked with teachers through presentations, 1:1 interactions, tutorials and articles sharing his experiences while learning from the feedback of those with whom he interacts, making technology more accessible and applicable in education.

Holly King
  • #CEduAD PLN

Holly is a veteran science educator, a champion of using digital tools and technologies in the educational setting and holds an impressive record of creating and implementing innovative classroom practices in her classroom while leading others in the building to do the same. Through professional development and an extensive educational network, Holly stays abreast of constantly evolving best practices in education.

Her leadership experience in instructional coaching transforms classrooms through collaboration, personalized professional development, and individualized goal setting. Holly has served as a secondary science educator for 22 years. She currently teaches Earth and Environmental Science and serves as an Innovative Educator on the coast of North Carolina.

Holly hopes to inspire educators to transform their learning spaces through the development of innovative instructional practices, ensuring that all students are challenged to communicate, critically think, problem solve, and create every day. Holly’s B.S. in Biology and Chemistry from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and her Master’s of Arts in Curriculum Design and Instructional Technology provide a unique combination of content, pedagogy, and innovation that drives her work.

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Desiree Alexander
  • #CEduAD PLN

Desiree is an educational consultant who works with different school districts and companies to aid teachers and employees in integrating technology, educations leadership, and branding themselves and their schools. She provides services and professional development on variety of topics. Learn more by navigating her website.

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