Overcoming Obstacles to Changing Practice (Fear) 


2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EST

What gets in your way from doing what you want to do? Are your reasons rational or irrational? Join Tim, Ayelet and the team of panellists as they discuss the enemies of progress and change: procrastination and fear. 

Tim McDonald
Ayelet Baron

Tim McDonald guides individuals and organizations on their journey to becoming 21st-century leaders. He is passionate in his pursuit of purposefully connecting people. He instigates engagement and conversation, turning students into teachers and teachers into students. Tim encourages new ideas and navigates building solid relationships through giving and receiving. He helps you understand and internalize your role as community builders.


His experience, working with organizations like No Kid Hungry, Cinnabon and Carvel Ice Cream, among others, has included leading the overall marketing vision, strategy, and execution of social media campaigns. This includes blogger programs and influencer relationships.


Currently, Tim is writing a book about journeying with fear. He has found it amazing, the different perspectives others have regarding this topic and the number of people who may initially have thought they have to time for, or relationship with, fear: they were of the belief that they had no fears.

Ayelet Baron is a student in The School of Life. After firing herself from a successful career as tech executive in the Silicon Valley, she rediscovered her passion for writing and helping people become leaders of their own life. She works with people who are on a journey of health and wellbeing, personally and collectively. Ayelet is an award-winning author on business leadership. Her upcoming books, Re-Imagine This: A Journey of Discovering Your Path and F*** the Bucket List: The Journey of Discovering Yourself will be published in 2010. She now believes that our collective responsibility is to listen to what is calling us through deep self-awareness, and for each of us to add our value to humanity in our own unique way. How you choose to live your life is the bottom line. You can sit and watch life pass you by or you can jump in and become a healthy creator of your own life. It is a choice.


Ayelet has had a very successful corporate career taking billion-dollar cutting-edge technology companies into the 21st century. Over the years, she has managed large global teams and her journey has taken her from global boardrooms in Silicon Valley to working with inspirational youth in the slums of Nairobi. In many ways, her professional role has always been to architect disruptive strategies that make organizations and leaders extremely successful. 

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