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How long have you been in a classroom setting? Have you ever had an itch to stretch beyond the walls of the classroom? Emmanuel is pushing the boundaries of the classroom by organising conferences for fellow teachers, encouraging them to see the benefits of digital technology as a route to developing 21st Century skills in themselves and their students. Michael has been on a journey of growth for the past few years and has worked with a variety of individuals and companies outside the classroom.

Michael Sinclair
Emmanuel Akpan

Michael Sinclair has been involved in education for over 20 years. That seems ages, but time flies… He found that trying ‘the new’ has encouraged growth and has always endeavoured to stay ahead of the curve. He has worked in four countries and has worked with 19 different global standards for curriculum creation.


Michael was born in Edinburgh, Scotland but spent most of his learning years on the west coast of Canada. After finishing a five-year degree in education, he came back to the UK, first in England and then Scotland where he has been since 2000, excepting a 2-year career break in Poland. 

Michael has taught in primary and secondary schools and presently works with a range of ages from primary to university students facing challenges with literacy, numeracy and maths. He has designed learning experiences and sequences of learning for private businesses and the public sector. Michael had led training on educational and technological topics for experienced and newly qualified teachers. He has completed the Microsoft Trainer Academy course and is a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert. He has recently been selected to co-host one of Microsoft’s monthly TweetMeets.

He has worked as an educational writer and editor, creating and checking lesson content and item questions for publishing companies, and a number of edtech companies. As a development officer with the school and cluster, he had the opportunity to view first hand the range of perspectives teachers bring with them when approaching planning, assessment, and evaluation in familiar and unfamiliar subjects. Working at Sumdog allowed Michael to use his curricular knowledge to create skills, and smaller steps within, to allow for success before progression at a learner's individual pace:

  • He planned the maths curriculum for 3 - 13 year-olds and managed teacher reviews of this for the four countries of the United Kingdom, the common core state standards for the USA and 14 further standards, These areas of learning are being accessed now by learners, teachers, parents, schools, and district management teams.

  • Following this, Michael wrote a sequence of learning for 6 years of spelling, organising them according to the requirements of 13 of the previously mentioned standards.

Emmanuel Akpan is a passionate Edu-Tech Expert and Co-Founder/CEO of CSFirst Lagos Nigeria, a registered Education Technology Consult in Lagos. A Teacher and also Lead Educator with a specialty in training schools and educators on the 21st-century application of technology in teaching, learning, collaboration and administration.


In 2019, Emmanuel resigned as a classroom teacher to focus on the training of Educators, School Administrators, School Owners and Lecturers. In his quest to empower teachers with 21st Century skills in Africa, especially Nigeria, Emmanuel started a project called The 21st-Century Teachers' International Conference, which has lead to the training of over 4000 teachers in less than 8 months on 21st-century teaching skills and methodology.

Emmanuel is a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert, Trainer and Master Trainer. He is a great fan of creativity, innovation, collaboration and entrepreneurship. He lives in Lagos, Nigeria.

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