Making Assessment and Learning Interactive: 

Tools for Content Creation, Evaluation and Presentation

#CEMM - Connected Educators Monthly Meetup
Zoom talk & chat


10:00 AM - 11:00 AM EST

The February #CEMM's aim is to help the audience get insights on how certain tools make assessment and learning interactive. In addition, the result of using these tools often improves collaboration, which is a key tool for lifelong learning.


Ella and her team of panelists will be focusing on content creation, evaluation and presentation. Some of the tech tools they will focus on are flipgrid, kahoot, nearpod and padlet.

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#CEMM - Zoom talk & chat

To join #CEMM (Connected Educators Monthly Meetup) Zoom talk and chat on February 15th, click on the link above. You will be able to watch, ask questions or "raise your hand" if you want to be included as a panelist. 


The event will supported by a Twitter chat. In order to join it, go to the @ConEduAD twitter page at the time of the event or just search for the #CEduAD, #CEMM or  #InteractiveLearning hashtags.


You can join this slow chat any time, share your own questions or answers with the global edu community and feel free to contribute.

Join the chat, follow Ella's questions, learn and share your own journey with others. We are all learners!

Ella is the founder of Fliplearnkids, an edtech organization that redefines learning and content delivery via technology in the classroom. and is also a Teach SDGs ambassador. Her passion for empowering young girls in low-income schools to achieve their dreams, despite their economic circumstances, led to the birth of a social impact initiative tagged Inspire a Child. Inspire a Child has mentored over 1,000 girls in low-income schools in Nigeria.

Ella is passionate about learning delivery in the classroom for 21-century learners. She trains educators on the use of technology tools for internalised learning (for their students) and personal development.

Ella is a Microsoft innovative educator expert, MIE Teacher trainer and Teaching with Technology Expert under the Microsoft platform  as well as a Nearpod ambassador.

"In addition, the result of using these tools is often collaboration, as a tool to lifelong learning."

- Ella Gozie

Meet the panelists

Tajirinere Ukeje
Manuela Correia
Lisa Scumpieru
Douha Jemai
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Tajirinere Ukeje is a seasoned educator and ICT consultant with over a decade of experience in teaching, who always seeks what works in the classroom, and beyond. She is a graduate of Computer Science,  aCertified Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) Expert, MIE Teacher trainer and Teaching with Technology (T.W.T) Expert under the Microsoft platform. 

She is currently an administrator and advocate of 21st century learning skills in the classroom driven by accessible modern ICT tools. She influences teachers on the use of modern technology in teaching and learning through training and workshops both online and offline.

She is the founder and lead instructor for The Techiest Kids Zone, a coding and ICT education club that develops and nurtures the 21st Century learning Skills in young children through Science Technology Engineering Art and Maths (S.T.E.A.M) activities.

Manuela Correia is a music teacher in Portugal. She began her professional career at the age of 17. She has a degree in Music Education and Piano. Throughout her career she has always sought innovation, having participated in several didactics and musical pedagogy courses, both in Portugal and abroad. She has developed numerous eTwinning projects with her students and has participated in several national and European eTwinning meetings and conferences, having won seven national prizes and one European award. She was the coordinator of the school newspaper for 13 years. She is a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert and a Skype Master Teacher. She has created a Skype lesson - The Skype Plastic Cleanup Brigade (2017) - and has been in hundreds of classrooms all over the world since. She is the founder of the Litter@sea project. Manuela is married and a proud mother of two.

Lisa Scumpieru has taught in a Maryland classroom for 24 years and for two years has been a Digital Integration Specialist where she helps teachers integrate technology in their classroom to enhance learning. She is a Flipgrid Ambassador, Formative Certified Educator, Google Certified Level 1, 2, and Trainer, and Apple Learning Academy Educator. She loves to continually learn and help others find the potential of the devices and resources available to them to make learning meaningful and robust for all students.

Lisa participates in the #formativechat every week and has a passion for giving students choice, voice, and purpose in how they are assessed.

Douha Jemai holds a Master of IT applied to management. She designs many STEM based PBL Projects on the SDGs, aiming to transform local realities and has successfully integrated  the Sustainable Development Goals  into her school's curriculum with all her classes for three years, so far. 

Douha's  passion for global education has led her teaching in classrooms and collaborating with teachers from all over the world. Her desire to become a global educator began when she received an international reward from the British Council with a focus on the integration of international learning in the curriculum. She has had the chance to make connections via etwinning to improve her students core skills.

Douha is a lifelong learner and believes that while she is an educator, she will always be striving to improve her own practice. Douha is currently employed as a computer science teacher in a Middle School and has been for 13 years. She has set up several clubs (SDG club and coding clubs) , assisting students with preparing for life beyond middle school.

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