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Buzzwords and jargon for marketing and media, or is there more to it than that. Our classrooms are more diverse than in the past and inclusion in here to stay. What can we do to best serve those that might not be 'average'? Why not read, research and work with others? Join Sarah and Vlatka to discuss the idea and the implications.

Sarah Thomas
Vlatka Butkovic

Dr Sarah Thomas is a Regional Technology Coordinator in Prince Georges County, MD, and Affiliate Faculty at Loyola University. She recently graduated with a PhD in International Education in December 2017; however, the learning never ends. ​Much of the learning that she does is not from a textbook: it comes from inquiry and collaboration.  Sarah feels that the way we grow as educators and people is by learning from each other. This learning is facilitated by deep connections. 

While she is still passionate about best practices, such as flipped/blended learning and gamification, her passion has also expanded to helping educators connect globally.  This is the rationale behind the EduMatch project, which Sarah founded in September 2014.  The project belongs to all EduMatchers, and it has grown to include Voxer, guest blogging, and a weekly Twitter chat/podcast.

Sarah loves to connect with other educators, because she strongly believes that we are all experts at something, and can learn so much from each other!  Let your voice be heard, and let's all grow together!

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Vlatka Butkovic holds a Masters Degree in Art History and in English Language and Literature from the University of Zagreb, Croatia. In her 25 years of teaching, and 20 years as a principal, she has worked with over 10000 students and families. She continuously trains a team of teachers whose expertise is the trademark of the Butkovic Education Centre.

Vlatka has been the Programme Director and ESL teacher in Butkovic Education Centre for over 20 years. She runs a team of 10 language teachers and numerous associates, managing the duties as a principal, a curriculum designer, trainer and mentor.


Her field of study, in recent years, has been the synergy of Classroom Communication and Instructional Technology, with the aim of helping students recognise the purpose of learning. Having understood the neglected needs of many individual student in the current teaching practice, Vlatka developed the Butković method™: a set of highly adaptable elements of teaching for any classroom, regardless of the subject. The Butkovic method™ continuously changes, but has a firm foundation in education theory, pedagogy, continuous practice and communication with students and their parents.


Vlatka's research is largely dedicated to the psychology of education. Though not a scientist, she seeks the answers to the secrets of motivation and learning processes. In addition, she studies the constant change in the teaching required with every new child and each new generation.


She grew her school into a platform for teachers and educators in Croatia, and internationally, with the goal of exchanging  knowledge, teaching resources, ideas and good teaching practice. Vlatka holds workshops for schools and universities implementing effective solutions in every-day classrooms and curriculum. She also assists Social Services in helping children from troubled families to open up and connect with their peers. Currently, she is also serving as the Central and Eastern European Schools Association Global Connections Manager, adding to the impact that CEESA already makes.

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