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Four education enthusiasts, each with a different skillset, met online, started sharing thoughts and ideas and learn from one another. Few months later they created Connected Educator Appreciation Day, a platform for open edu talks, meetups and constant learning. A platform for a global edu community.



Tim McDonald guides individuals and organizations on their journey to becoming 21st century leaders. He is passionate in his pursuit of purposefully connecting people. He instigates engagement and conversation, turning students into teachers and teachers into students. Tim encourages new ideas and navigates building solid relationships through giving and receiving. He helps you understand and internalize your role as community builders.


His experience, working with organizations like No Kid Hungry, Cinnabon and Carvel Ice Cream, among others, has included leading the overall marketing vision, strategy and execution of social media campaigns. This includes blogger programs and influencer relationships.


Tim was the Director of Community for The Huffington Post, where he set strategy, oversaw a team of moderators, and supported the development of the standards for the leading online news site, with over 300 million comments and 70,000 bloggers. He also built and managed a community for Huffington Post's live streaming network, HuffPost Live, resulting in over 9,600 guests from more than 85 countries joining live on-air resulting in over 1.3 million comments on the platform.

His expertise in social networking and passion for purposefully built community is the foundation of #CEduAD.

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"Bringing people together with purpose is my purpose in life. Working with this team has allowed me to do that and connect with so many connected educators who selflessly share and help me discover new lessons in life."


                                                                                                                 - Tim McDonald


Michael has engaged in more than 18 years of teaching in primary and secondary schools in the UK, mainland Europe and North America. This experience had gifted him with an ability to analyse and interpret the sequence of learning over a range of curricula.

As part of his 5 year degree in education, misconceptions in learning played a major role.  With this learning, and as a SEAL practitioner, Michael has been able to assess gaps in learning that need to be addressed before full potential can be achieved.

His varied career has enabled him to confidently start his own company: Michael is currently the director of Fill the Gap Learning Limited. He has the skills and experience to: design learning sequences for young people and educators; identify 'gaps' in learning and how best to 'fill' them to enable future success.


Michael's previous and current work experience follows:
As a development officer with the school and cluster, he had the opportunity to view first hand the range of perspectives teachers bring with them when approaching planning, assessment and evaluation in familiar and unfamiliar subjects.  


Working at Sumdog allowed Michael to use his curricular knowledge to create skills, and smaller steps within, to allow for success before progression at a learner's individual pace:
He planned the maths curriculum for 3 - 13 year olds and managed teacher reviews of this for the four countries of the United Kingdom, the common core state standards for the USA and 14 further standards, These areas of learning are being accessed now by learners, teachers, parents, schools, and district management teams.
Following this, Michael wrote a sequence of learning for 6 years of spelling, organising them according to the requirements of 13 of the previously mentioned standards.


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"Connections, they are probably one of the strongest forces for change in a community or career: knowing someone who does something differently and has had great success with it is a strong catalyst for you to try it. Word of mouth from a friend or colleague can resonate more strongly than research alone, when referring to new strategies, practices or resources."


                                                                                                                 - Michael Sinclair


Vlatka Butković holds a Masters Degree in Art History and in English Language and Literature from the University of Zagreb, Croatia.


In her 25 years of teaching, and 20 years as a principal, she has worked with over 10000 students and families. She continuously trains a team of teachers whose expertise is the trademark of the Butkovic Education Centre.

Vlatka has been the Programme Director and ESL teacher in Butkovic Education Centre for over 20 years. She runs a team of 10 language teachers and numerous associates, managing the duties as a principal, a curriculum designer, trainer and mentor.


Her field of study, in recent years, has been the synergy of Classroom Communication and Instructional Technology, with the aim of helping students recognise the purpose of learning. Having understood the neglected needs of many individual student in the current teaching practice, Vlatka developed the Butković method™: a set of highly adaptable elements of teaching for any classroom, regardless of the subject. The Butkovic method™ continuously changes, but has a firm foundation in education theory, pedagogy, continuous practice and communication with students and their parents.

Vlatka's research is largely dedicated to the psychology of education. Though not a scientist, she seeks the answers to the secrets of motivation and learning processes. In addition, she studies the constant change in the teaching required with every new child and each new generation.


She grew her school into a platform for teachers and educators in Croatia, and internationally, with the goal of exchanging knowledge, teaching resources, ideas and good teaching practice. Vlatka holds workshops for schools and universities implementing effective solutions in every-day classrooms and curriculum. She also assists Social Services in helping children from troubled families to open up and connect with their peers.


  • Vlatka Butkovic

"I cherish the fact that today it is possible to be connected to fantastic teachers around the world. An entire new community eager to learn and share. My #globalPLN is the wind in my wings and an endless source of learning. I no longer feel alone in my search for the best education I can provide for my students. What started as co-founding #CEduAD, with educators who think alike, grew into a friendship I can always count on. "


                                                                                                                 - Vlatka Butkovic


Cassie Reeder is a former elementary educator who was in search of more teaching and learning opportunities. Her first year as an educator, she felt lost, living in a new state and teaching a new grade level. She was overwhelmed, and she knew that she was lacking a support system.

After her first year, she wanted to give up and find a new path, but there was something amazing in store for her... ​


Her second year of teaching, she found Twitter, and discovered a 24-7 support system available right at her fingertips. She had finally found her "people" and we now rely on one another to get through the beautiful chaos that is education.

In her 6 years of experience as a Connector, she has met so many amazing people who have helped her to develop more confidence and skills than she ever could have on her own.

Cassie has been a great influence on anyone who's had the chance to work with her. Her expertise, openness to collaboration and enthusiasm is a driving force in the #CEduAD team.


  • Cassie Reeder

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